TONBOFA Law Practice

Our vision at TONBOFA Law Practice is an increased pace of development in developing nations achieved by simplifying the process of commencing and implementing projects in these nations.​

We work towards objectifying our vision by forging close partnerships with project developers in developing nations and advising on legal risks and general strategy from project conception to completion.​


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We have advised on projects in Africa involving mining of natural resources, energy and infrastructure developments with capital raised from private and development finance sources. We have also represented our clients in disputes involving these areas. This has facilitated our understanding of the risk mitigation strategies such projects must implement to remain bankable and sustainable.​

We work closely with our clients through all stages of their projects and understand the challenges and needs of project developers in developing nations.​

We operate through TONBOFA Law Practice, United Kingdom (a non-SRA regulated entity) and TONBOFA Law Practice, Nigeria.​

We simplify the process of commencing

and implementing projects in developing nations

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