TONBOFA Law Practice

Since inception we have have offered services that cut across Nigeria and UK in Energy and Natural Resources, Infrastructure Development, Dispute Resolution, Financial Markets, Legal Advisory, Finance amongst others

Nigeria Practice

Energy & Natural Resources

We have provided advisory services on:

  • Oil and Gas Production Projects in Nigeria
  • Fossil Fuel and Renewable Power Generation Projects in Nigeria
  • Refinery Projects
  • Development and Operation of Mines
  • Public Private Partnerships on Energy Projects
  • Sale and Acquisition of Nigerian Government Energy Assets
  • Taxation and Revenue Collection in the Energy Sector

Infrastructure Development

We have advised on:

  • Technology development
  • Construction and Operation of International Hotels
  • Road Construction Projects
  • Building, Construction and Operation of Airports

Dispute Resolution

We represent clients at:

  •  Negotiation and Mediation Centres
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation held at State, Federal and Appellate Courts

Financial Market

We have participated in several financial markets’ activities including:

  • Capital Market Transactions
  •  Regulation of the Insurance sector and Management of Insurance companies
  •  Forensic investigations
  • Equity and Debt Transactions
  • Development of Policy and Regulations governing financial markets
  • Debt Recoveries