TONBOFA Law Practice

Since inception we have have offered services in Energy and Natural Resources, Infrastructure Development, Dispute Resolution, Financial Markets, Legal Advisory, Finance amongst others

Nigeria Practice

Energy & Natural Resources

We have provided advisory services on:

  • Oil and Gas Production Projects in Nigeria
  • Fossil Fuel and Renewable Power Generation Projects in Nigeria
  • Refinery Projects
  • Development and Operation of Mines
  • Public Private Partnerships on Energy Projects
  • Sale and Acquisition of Nigerian Government Energy Assets
  • Taxation and Revenue Collection in the Energy Sector

Infrastructure Development

We have advised on:

  • Technology development
  • Construction and Operation of International Hotels
  • Road Construction Projects
  • Building, Construction and Operation of Airports

Dispute Resolution

We represent clients at:

  •  Negotiation and Mediation Centres
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation held at State, Federal and Appellate Courts

Financial Market

We have participated in several financial markets’ activities including:

  • Capital Market Transactions
  •  Regulation of the Insurance sector and Management of Insurance companies
  •  Forensic investigations
  • Equity and Debt Transactions
  • Development of Policy and Regulations governing financial markets
  • Debt Recoveries