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Will African Oil & Gas Producers Be Future Global Energy Suppliers?

Topic: Africa’s Transitioning From Fossil Fuels
1.         The call for clean energy to meet global carbon reduction goals is putting pressure on everyone with nations and energy sector participants thinking about how they can remain players in the future energy market.
2.         African oil nations will be affected in primarily 2 ways- their oil and gas exports and meeting their domestic needs.
3.         With international markets demanding reduced carbon energy sources, what can African nations and indigenous energy export companies do to remain relevant exporters of oil and gas?
4.         Financing of energy for domestic consumption is already demanding green energy with renewable projects being preferred; to what extent will demands of financiers affect production of oil and gas for domestic consumption
5.         How do you think African governments can begin to balance driving the need for internal industrial development, the desire to attract foreign investments and their carbon reduction targets?
6.         How practical is all this having regard to the fact that poverty due to lack of industrialization is prevalent in African nations as compared to the western world? Is it not important for oil and gas nations to utilize their resources in which they have comparative advantage to scale up their economies? To what extent do you think several nations may resort to offsetting their carbon foot prints in other ways whilst still producing their fossil fuels or in the worst scenario ignoring the call for carbon reduction?  
Profile of Guest Speaker:
Jason Langrish is the President of The Energy Roundtable, a c-level conference series that he founded in 2004 to help define the role of the Canadian energy sector in domestic affairs and international energy markets.
Jason also serves as the Executive Director of the Canada Europe Roundtable for Business and was one of the principal architects of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).
Jason also serves as Special Advisor at Global Public Affairs advisor assisting clients on energy and trade issues. He has previously worked in the Trade and Commercial Section at the Canadian Mission to the EU in Brussels and in the City of London. For eight seasons he led a Helitack fire fighting crew for the British Columbia Ministry of Forests.
Educated at the University of Victoria, University of Western Ontario and the London School of Economics, Jason was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Government to Canada in 2012.

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