Will African Oil & Gas Producers Be Future Global Energy Suppliers?

Topic: Africa’s Transitioning From Fossil Fuels 1.         The call for clean energy to meet global carbon reduction goals is putting pressure on everyone with nations and energy sector participants thinking about how they can remain players in the future energy market. 2.         African oil nations will be affected in primarily 2 ways- their oil and [...]

AI Solutions in Africa- Who Watches The Technocrats?

AI Solutions in Africa- Who Watches The Technocrats? The Fourth Industrial Revolution is all about technology aiding development. Africa’s financial service is currently being disrupted by Financial Technology service providers (Fintechs) but it is inevitable that all sectors will be invaded by AI solutions to simplify services and ensure all round efficiency. All African countries […]

Advancing The Business Climate Change In Nigeria

Tonbofa Ashimi discusses the business of climate change in Nigeria with Boason Omofaye on Business Morning Show on Channels TV. According to IFC US$3 Trillion investment opportunity is available for building climate resilient cities in Africa. African Governments need to champion the cause of ensuring its businesses access this finance and reduce carbon in developing [...]

Regulating Non Governmental Organisation in Nigeria

April 23, 2019 Tonbofa Ashimi and Thelma Ekiyor Development financing is a huge source of financing today. International organisations are seeking to give grants to African Non Governmental Organisations “NGOs” to help meet the basic needs of Africans ranging from women empowerment to energising communities. There has been a surge in establishment of NGOs around Africa […]